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This website is a place to park my musical efforts. So far what I've uploaded are songs recorded in my home studio using a Yamaha AW16 and some very nice outboard gear. I've recently switched to using Reaper. I cant believe I've waited this long to get in the box. So I'll soon be uploading the Reaper stuff too. Probably will be adding some really old stuff at some point as well. I will also be adding photos, videos, and will prettying up the site as I go.

The Musical Moose stuff was all recorded at Courtermusic circa 2013-14. Some new songs and some rocked up versions of older songs since we became The Three Moosekateers - Bob, Mike, and Tommy.
* All of the Moose stuff has been remixed by Bob and Mike using Reaper and Mastered using Ozone Essentials 10.

The Shooting Squirrels are David Gray, Scott, Bob, Mike, and sometimes Matt Courter. They're a really good sounding jangle rock band as you will hear.
* With A Girl Like You, Let Me In, Here She Comes, and Rudiments have been remixed by Bob and Mike in Reaper and mastered with Ozone Essentials 11.

The Shooting Squirrels with Karmyn was a fun project. The idea is to record anything any of us have lying around. These are all David Gray's tunes so far. So Dave on guitar, Bob on drums, Fred Mayes on keys. Karmyn commands a fantastic voice. We brought Paul Stone on sax for a tune and Lindsay Coppel on french horn for another. We hope to continue this project.

Luv N Blood is Eric Scealf, Shana Godwin, Terry Montford, and myself. Shana wrote all the music with Eric's lyrics on top. I may have helped on the arrangements. I think we came up with some cool stuff. I started using Rotosound strings again on the jazz bass so really happy with that grindy sound. Wish we could have performed live.
* Dont Love Me and Go To Jail were remixed by Shana and Mike using Reaper and Mastered using Ozone Essentials 11.

Get Zagadocios! is Greg Laudeman. This is a recent (2023) Reaper recording project at Courtermusic. Greg plays most of the guitars and bass and used several Chattanooga musicians on this compilation: Bob Courter - drums & percussion, Eric Young - keys, Adam Stone - lead guitar, Matt Kelly - trumpet, Kathy Webb Meyers, Kathy Veasey, John Ralston - vocal ensemble, Stephanie Brooks - violin, Terry Montford - keys, and myself - a little bass and acoustic geetar. We had a lot of fun. Look for shows from Greg! The link above will take you to Greg's Sound Cloud page.

Sunfighter This is our most current (02.2024) recording project at Courtermusic. Sunfighter is Brian King on lead vocal and guitars, Tommy Cass on *basses, Jody Park on keys. Everybody sings. Bobby Burdick plays drums on Paul in the Park. Bob Courter plays drums and percussion on the rest of the tracks. We'll be adding tracks as we finish them so keep checking back!
* when we say 'basses' we mean Tommy has at least one of every cool bass in the world... :-)

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